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The popularity of sales of goods and services on the Internet is developing rapidly. New sites of various destinations are created every day, and taxi services are no exception.

For the successful operation of a taxi website, it cannot be done without its promotion and further promotion. SEO is a set of measures aimed at increasing site visits from search engines, as well as improving conversion rates.


Without a well-thought-out strategy for promoting a taxi service, you can get lost among competitors, and potential customers will never find your company.



Why a taxi site needs SEO promotion

Promotion of the taxi service is necessary in order for the site to appear in the TOP of the search results for certain queries in Google search. If a user is looking for such services in a search engine, he will first of all study the offers of those companies that are in the top positions. The task of SEO is to increase the probability that a potential customer will go to your page. To make this happen, you need to order a taxi service promotion.

If the site is in the TOP, more and more users will switch to it. They will study the available offers and contact the company they like. With the help of SEO, the photo studio will be able to tell potential customers about available thematic objects, and the photographer - about possible shooting styles. And thereby increase the number of orders.

Features of SEO in the taxi industry

To improve the position of the site, it is necessary to use a whole range of techniques and special solutions. An SEO specialist will help you choose the optimal keywords for promotion when promoting taxi services. It will determine where, how and in what percentage ratio to place them, so that the received content is liked not only by search engines, but also by users. SEO studio SAIT.UA has extensive experience in promoting sites of various orientations, including taxi services. Based on our experience, analysis of the niche and competitors, we will select the optimal strategy for promoting the project.


Stages of SEO taxi promotion
Promotion and promotion of the taxi site is carried out in several stages.
Analysis of the competitive environment
Search for errors on the site
Selection of requests
Building a structure
Filling content
Working with mega-tags
Placing relevant external links
Learn more about SEO promotion of the taxi service
Since your competitors are not standing still, trying to bring their site to the top of the search results, it is necessary to constantly monitor the indicators and work on search optimization in Google. This is the only way to not lose your positions and move forward. SEO is a key stage. These are measures that will allow you to adapt your resource to the current requirements of successful work. We pay special attention to the following works:
SEO audit of the site
Includes: monitoring the performance of the service platform; assessment of resource visitor behavior and usability; drawing up an action plan for improvement.
Internal optimization
Removing duplicate pages and broken links, speeding up page loading, adjusting micro-markup and other actions with the internal space of the resource, which allows you to improve its performance.
Placement of external links
Without it, it is impossible to compete with other taxi services and bring your site to the top positions.
Why should you order SEO promotion from SAIT.UA?

We know exactly how to promote an online taxi service platform and bring it to the TOP. The cases that our specialists have allow us to solve issues of any complexity, based on successful experience. We use only white methods, which allows you to achieve the maximum result without risk. With us you will get the following advantages:

Our clients receive:
increasing positions and improving the visibility of the site in search results;
attraction of targeted traffic interested in services;
improving the quality of the resource;
increasing the conversion rate and the number of orders.
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