Ready-made turnkey service site or online store for $200

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Hosting a site on your domain
we will help with the choice if necessary.
Setting up on your hosting
we will recommend the best options.
Possibility of choosing color themes
you can choose the color of the main elements from those available in the admin panel.
Two language versions available
the ability to promote the resource in search engines in 2 languages
Full control
convenient admin panel, fill the site quickly and easily.
No mistakes hindering SEO
the resource is completely ready for promotion in the TOP of search engines
6 advantages of our site
5 FACTS About creating websites from SAIT.UA
we offer the best solution for your business
starting from 2004
in the topic of creating and SEO-promotion of sites
from Ukraine and 14 countries of the world
ready-made websites
zed site
The main points for the TOP are taken into account
days we will create a website for you
Your website features
The turnkey website creation service will allow you to start attracting the first customers to your business and making a profit in 14 days. Such a web resource has many advantages.
1. Editing Basic Elements
You can independently change the logo, favicon, descriptor, contact details and other information on the site. This is done using a convenient admin panel and does not take much time.
2. Quick add counters and links
The admin panel provides special fields for placing the code of the Search Console, Google Analytics services, as well as links to the company's social networks and various instant messengers.
3. Placement of photo galleries and video reviews
If you decide to order the creation of a site, pay attention to the fact that it provides the ability to add photos and videos. We took into account this functionality, as it affects the level of sales and trust of potential customers.
4. Convenient and fast ordering
When creating websites for services and online stores, the specialists of our web studio provided for the presence of special fields so that customers can easily leave a request or buy products.
5. Controlling requests in the admin panel
You will be able to view the history of applications and process visitors' orders directly from the admin panel. There is no need to connect additional CRM systems, which reduces the monthly financial costs of the online platform.
6. Easily add new pages
Easy navigation is one of the conditions for success. You can fill the structure of the Internet site with the necessary categories and subcategories, as well as add products and services directly through the admin panel.
7. Automatic generation of robots.txt and sitemap.xml files
You will have the opportunity to generate the main access restriction directives for robots in the robots.txt file in one click. There will be no need to add and remove pages from sitemap.xml on your own - everything happens automatically.
8. Adding meta tags and SEO optimized texts
Having decided to order the creation of a website from us, you get the most functional system for quickly promoting an online resource to the TOP. The admin panel provides separate fields that will allow you to quickly place optimized meta tags Title, Description and headings.
9. Posting reviews for products and services
Customer reviews are an effective way to increase the credibility of your company. You will be able to place a real assessment of goods and services from buyers in the format you need.
10. The presence of «breadcrumbs» and linking
Breadcrumb breadcrumbs and linking are a convenient way to navigate your site and distribute link juice in a natural way. They improve usability. In addition, proper linking between pages often helps to increase sales and increase the average check.
11. Photo enlargement for user convenience
We offer the creation of a website at a loyal price with the maximum set of functions. If necessary, visitors to your Internet site will be able to scale the photos of the presented goods, thereby better viewing the presented products.
12. Editing pages and important blocks
Useful and well-placed information for the user is an increase in the likelihood of an order. We have provided the ability to quickly and easily edit user pages, as well as important blocks («Delivery», «Payment», «About Us»).
See the full characteristics of the online store (PDF)
See the full characteristics of the service site (PDF)
Important! Here are 4 examples of a finished website
Online store
Delivery of sous-vide products
Services website
IT-courses for kids
Online store
Sunglasses online store
Services website
Production of high quality double-glazed windows
Total site cost:
Just fill out the form
SEO settings
  • Responsive design and functionality - the site adapts
    to different types of devices and screen extensions.
  • Crossbrowser compatibility - correct display
    on all popular browsers.
Modern design
  • Designed by professionals.
  • User-friendly and visually pleasing.
  • It contributes to high conversion rates.
Lots of features
  • Two language versions.
  • All necessary content blocks.
  • Possibility of placing and publishing reviews.
  • The presence of the section «Blog».
  • Buttons, links and widgets for social networks.
Functional intuitive admin panel
  • Possibility of convenient content editing.
  • Quick addition of new pages.
  • Adaptation to any screen size.
  • Tooltips beside all windows and panel fields.
Unlimited Possibilities
  • There are fields for adding widgets of an online consultant, a callback and a chat messenger.
  • Possibility of adding individual functionality by the programmer.
Multilingual (any 2 language versions to choose from)
Ukrainian , English , French , German , Italian , Latvian , Lithuanian , Estonian , Spanish , Bulgarian , Finnish , Polish , Romanian , Portuguese , Croatian , Slovak , Czech , Greek and russian languages
Just add services or products to the site
convenient addition of any number of services or goods through the admin panel
Leave a request and get 6 bonuses
Course «How to choose a niche»
Course «How to choose a niche» Learn to pick a profitable niche
Course «How to choose a supplier»
Course «How to choose a supplier» Choose a reliable supplier
Step-by-step video instructions for working with the site
Step-by-step video instructions for working with the site Get instructions for working with the site admin panel
Custom logo
Custom logo The designer will develop and create a logo suitable for your theme
3 thematic banners
3 thematic banners The designer will draw 3 banners for the Home page on your topic
Practical guide by Pavel Shulga “SEO Ryivok”
Practical guide by Pavel Shulga “SEO Ryivok” Get many years of experience collected in one edition
Project team
Co-founder SAiT.UA
Executive Director
Razumova (Moskalenko)
Technical Director
Project manager
Head of Sales Department
SEO Specialist, Support Department
SEO Specialist, Support Department
SEO Specialist, Support Department
Content manager
SEO Specialist
Client Relations Manager
Client Relations Manager
Client Relations Manager
Client Relations Manager
SEO Specialist, Support Department
SEO Specialist
How fast is the creation and development of a turnkey website?
The web resource will be transferred to you within 14 days after granting access to the domain and hosting.
Will I depend on your company?
The site creation service implies the placement of a resource on your hosting and domain - it completely belongs to you.
Do you provide hosting?
We recommend reliable hosting, taking into account the promotion region. They are selected taking into account the required characteristics and capabilities. To ensure that the site is completely yours, we place it on your hosting.
Which domain to choose?
It is better to choose a domain taking into account the brand name and the main request in the domain zone corresponding to the promotion region.
What CMS will the site be built on?
The online store will be on CMS Opencart 3.0.2. Services website - on CMS Modx revolution 2.8.1.
Will the pages be filled up?
Specialists of SAIT.UA website creation studio give you a site with test goods or services so that you can see an example of filling it out. You host your services and products yourself.
Will the site be optimized for SEO right away?
We have provided the basic requirements for optimization in search engines. You will only have to fill the web resource.
How can I fill pages if I have no experience with the admin panel?
Together with the Internet resource, you receive training video tutorials that will help you easily master the admin panel.
What hosting do you recommend to create a website?
For Ukraine we recommend -, for Europe - These are reliable hostings at the best price that meet the basic requirements.
Can I use another hosting, not or
If you are confident in your hosting, and it supports php 7.3-7.4 and mysql 5.7, plus it provides for the included ioncube loader, then we can place it on your hosting.
How many language versions will there be?
You can order the creation of a site with 1 or 2 language versions - they are included in the price. Adding each subsequent one costs $50.
Is it possible to integrate with 1C?
Integration is possible with the help of your programmer.
Can I import goods from
Yes it is possible. We have provided import in xml format.
How can I upload products?
It is possible to import goods in the format xls, xml (yml).
Will I be able to upload goods to other sites?
Yes, you can upload to various sites.
If I want custom modifications, what should I do?
CMS has no restrictions on improvements. You can implement your wishes with the help of a programmer.
Why should I order the creation of a turnkey website from you?
The resource was created taking into account all the basic requirements for promoting a web site in search engines. It is user-friendly, suitable for various topics and regions of work.
How much does it cost to create a site?
Site creation price – 200$.
Why is the cost of creating a website only $200?
This is the minimum price for a web resource with such a set of features.
Can I get a site archived?
The creation and development of a site is its placement on a hosting with the help of a programmer. If there is such a need, we can only provide the archive, but we are not responsible for its unpacking by other specialists.
Can I get a custom design?

The design will be the same as in the examples indicated: online store —, услуги —

You can change the color scheme of the main blocks in the admin panel. For the service site, in addition to yellow, available: blue, green, mint, red, light gray, pink, lilac and tangerine.

For an online store, blocks can be made in the following colors: brown, dark mint, blue, green, pink, purple, gray.

Installation of another design is possible with your programmer.

What should I do if I have questions while filling the site?
After submitting the site, you will have 2 months of support by specialists in the mail. You will be able to ask a question and receive an answer by mail within 2 months after sending accesses.
From the creator
A website is a tool in the hands of a business owner that allows you to attract customers and get the desired profit. But often its creation in web studios is very expensive, which reduces the budget for high-quality content and project promotion.

We wanted to help solve this problem and make the turnkey website creation service more accessible. The specialists of our web studio have developed a resource that is ideal for different business topics, promotion regions and user requests. More than 2000 business owners have already received their website. Now they are successfully attracting customers to it and making a profit.

A team of SEO Academy specialists has been working on creating sites, testing them and improving their functionality for 4 years. In addition to the ready-made Internet platform, we offer our clients 6 bonuses that will help determine the vector of further development.

The service for creating websites from our studio is an excellent solution for attracting customers and increasing income.

Why it is worth ordering the creation of a turnkey website in our studio

We have been creating selling websites for many years. Our experience confirms that in addition to technical knowledge, successful work requires an understanding of the peculiarities of the market and clients' business. We have focused on a broad group of topics, which allows us to better understand the needs of our customers. Our team takes full responsibility for the development of a ready-to-use product, thereby relieving customers of unnecessary worries and problems.

Reasons to order website creation from scratch in SAIT.UA studio:

  1. Great experience. Creating a website is a complex process that requires a high level of expertise and skill. Our team consists of professionals in their field who have rich practical experience. Thanks to this, we are able to satisfy all your wishes for creating a turnkey website. You get a result that will meet your expectations and needs.
  2. A functional resource. You get a site completely ready for filling and promotion. It displays correctly on different devices, is easily edited through a convenient admin panel, and has an attractive design.
  3. Best prices. We do not change the cost of creating a turnkey site in the process. The price is fixed - only $200.
  4. Support. Together with accesses, we send training videos on how to work with the admin panel. They will help you quickly understand the functionality. It is also possible to consult with our support by mail within 2 months.

Do you want to order the creation of a website or learn more about the service? Fill out the online form on the page or contact us by phone.