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Steps to promote your website
To achieve a successful result, you should perform the following steps to promote the site in the search engine.
1. Audit of a chosen niche and competitors
A list of TOP competitors in the search results is being formed. Web resources are checked according to key criteria. The analysis of the received data is carried out. A list of priority areas is being formed to maximize the resource efficiency.
2. Development of an effective promotion strategy
Based on the growth rate of the chosen niche, the direction of development of the web resource and the data of competitors, a strategy is drawn up to promote the Internet site in the search engine. Growth points are determined, targets are formed.
3. Comprehensive technical audit
An algorithm of actions is being carried out aimed at identifying and correcting technical errors that interfere with the SEO promotion of the site in the TOP search engines. For example, the performance of a web resource, the appearance in different browsers, the effectiveness of meta tags.
4. Selection of target queries for promotion
Selected keywords that customers can use to search for your products or services. A list of basic queries for website promotion in search engines is formed.
5. Distribution of requests across pages
Keywords are divided into sections and categories (query clustering) and a semantic core is formed. Groups of commercial and information requests are selected for the landing pages of the web platform with their further placement in text content.
6. Building the right site structure
An optimal resource structure is formed that is comfortable for visitors, able to solve their problem in the process of searching for information. The required number of landing pages is determined. If necessary, add-ons are developed and implemented.
7. Web analytics and conversion settings
Installing Google Analytics on the site. Set up web analytics and conversion tracking. Based on the data obtained, the effectiveness of the resource and the work done is determined.
8. Preparing meta tags for content management
If you decide to order search engine promotion of sites in the SAIT.UA studio, specialists based on the semantic core will create Title, Description meta tags, H1 headings, H2 and H3 subheadings. The ready list of meta tags is used for further SEO promotion and website optimization.
9. Internal website optimization
Search and removal of broken links. Checking page loading speed. The optimally written robots.txt and sitemap.xml files are added. Checking the optimization of pages to increase their indexing in search engines.
10. Content planning and writing SEO texts
Website optimization and promotion includes analysis of the structure, text content and page titles of the web site. A terms of reference for a copywriter is created, a plan for linking pages is being prepared. The texts are checked, including their perception by the search engine.
11. Purchasing quality eternal external links
An anchor list is created, a link profile is built up on high-quality donor resources. Links to the client's Internet site are published with thematic content to attract the attention of the target audience. Safe methods of external optimization of sites and their promotion are used.
12. Improving usability and behavioral factors
The design of the site is being finalized, the web resource adapts to different mobile devices. Simplicity and accessibility of online ordering is being optimized. The site or individual landing pages are being improved to increase efficiency.
What determines the cost of website promotion
From the theme of
promoting your site
in the topic of creation and SEO-
promotion of sites
From current situation
of your website
From promotion
From the number
of promoted
From goals
and deadlines
Calculate the cost
SEO of your project
Important! Here are 4 cost examples
Small website
20 pages
Region of promotion
Cost per month
12 000 UAH
Corporate website of services
100 pages
Region of promotion
Custom kitchens
Cost per month
20 000 UAH
Online store
1000 pages
Region of promotion
Baby clothes
Cost per month
20 000 UAH
Internet portal
100 000+ pages
Region of promotion
Country real estate
Cost per month
40 000 UAH
The minimum cost of promoting
site in our studio
this is due to the fact that a minimum of 4 people should work on the project.
The minimum number of hours spent is 25 per month, so that your site not only shows dynamics in positions, but also gets into the TOP-10 in order to receive traffic, orders and customers.
Get a free
SEO consultation for your website
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How to order SEO website promotion?
To order SEO-promotion of the site in search engines, call us at the indicated numbers or leave an online application. Our specialist will advise you on the topic and answer all your questions. He will announce a preliminary work plan and calculate the estimated cost of promotion, based on your goals.
Who needs SEO website promotion?
SEO promotion is search engine optimization designed for the long term. Therefore, ordering this service is relevant for businessmen who want to sell their goods and services online. Also, SEO promotion of a site in the TOP 10 is relevant for information and news portals, as well as resources that seek to expand and scale.
For what types of sites is search engine promotion suitable?
SEO is an effective tool for promoting online stores, sites of multi-directional and specialized services, information web portals, blogs, catalogs and online magazines. Due to its versatility and flexibility, SEO optimization easily adapts to the unique features of any online resource and niche.
For which platforms/CMS systems is SEO possible?
The specialists of our company carry out the promotion and promotion of sites using all modern CMS-systems and platforms. For example, MODx, Opencart, Wordpress, Joomla, CS Cart, etc.
When will the first SEO results appear?
Approximate terms of promotion are discussed individually with each client. The duration and effectiveness of complex SEO website promotion, as well as its price, depends on a number of factors. You can order promotion and see the first results in the period from 1 to 4 months. Since SEO promotion is a continuous process, improvements will be built up gradually.
Do you provide a guarantee for search promotion?
The concept of website promotion with a guarantee does not exist. We analyze the current state of the resource, evaluate competitors in the chosen niche, draw up a detailed work plan. Based on all the data obtained, it is possible to predict the further result. However, the outcome of promotion can be influenced by many internal and external factors.
Is it possible to speed up the promotion process?
We value our reputation and do not use "accelerated" methods of promotion in order to avoid the site falling under the filter, which is almost impossible to get out of in the future. The speed of optimizing a web resource and its raising to the TOP of search engines is an individual process.
How can I track the results of your work?
Having ordered SEO website promotion, at each stage you will receive a detailed report from our specialists, which includes: all the work done, positions in search engines, data on traffic and user behavior at the moment, a work plan for the next month and much more.
Why promote a website if it's already in the TOP?
Finding a site in the TOP is a privilege that requires regular support. If you do not carry out regular work to maintain leading positions in search engines, a web resource may lose its place in the TOP, conversion, and ultimately profit. Moreover, ordering SEO site promotion is relevant for expanding the list of requests, which will lead to an increase in organic traffic, increased profitability and other positive results.
From the creator
SEO is a simple and effective way to get customers from search engines for almost no cost. And apply it to everyone.
Over the past 10 years, I have been contacted by an incredible number of people who were frustrated with the work of incompetent SEOs. I decided to destroy this senseless scheme of pumping money, and reveal all the secrets of promotion. At the SEO Academy courses, you will receive a clear step-by-step plan that will allow you to significantly increase the profit from the site in just 2-3 months. Invest this time in your business.
SEO website promotion

SEO Benefits

SEO is an effective set of actions aimed at internal and external website optimization in order to raise its positions in search engines. In other words, SEO promotion helps to increase the visibility of a web resource for the target audience. This is one of the most effective ways to promote your business online.

SEO website promotion is worth ordering because of a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. Increases conversion. Search and internal optimization, as well as improving the functionality, usability and content of the site, allow not only to bring a potential client to a web resource, but to activate him to take the necessary actions. As a result, order a service, make a purchase, subscribe, etc.
  2. Keep results in the long term. SEO is a long-term investment in business development. Even after the promotion of the online resource is stopped, the positive result will remain for many months and even years, as long as the site exists.
  3. Increases brand trust. SEO does not use intrusive advertising that only causes irritation. Its main goal is to answer a specific question of the user, thereby satisfying his desire or need.
  4. Affordable price. Ordering website promotion to the TOP will be much more profitable in terms of cost, in comparison with the same contextual advertising. For one click in the context, you will have to pay ten times more than with search engine optimization.

Why is it worth ordering SEO optimization from us?

Growth of positions, traffic, orders

We use only proven and 100% pure promotion methods that provide long-term visibility of the resource in the TOP of search engines without the risk of being banned. If you order search engine promotion from us, you get a systematic increase in organic traffic and the number of customers in the long term.

Saving time and resources

You invest money only in the useful promotion of your Internet site. All work is aimed at making the user's stay on the web resource as useful and profitable as possible. Improving the quality of posted information, eliminating technical errors, improving usability - all this has a positive effect on the behavioral factors of a potential client and conversion.

Team of experienced specialists

Our team of qualified specialists with rich practical experience in promoting websites of various topics works on each project. We carefully analyze the effectiveness of the work done and are ready to use all the knowledge to create an effective promotion strategy for your online resource.

How is the process of working on the site going?

SEO promotion and optimization of sites by our specialists is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. Online meeting with the client to determine promotion goals.
  2. Preparation of a commercial proposal for optimization.
  3. Coordination of the necessary work on the project.
  4. Payment.
  5. Developing a full work plan and agreeing with the client.
  6. Working on a project.
  7. Providing a monthly report on the work done on search engine optimization.